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Summoners Arena Overview

Summoners Arena is a BNB Smart Chain-based idle-RPG game. Despite its proclivity for role-playing and collecting, the game nonetheless necessitates rigorous planning in terms of champions, resources and teams to maximize earnings.

Summoners Arena Specialities

  • The detailed storyline and character system: Summoners Arena has a massive character system with skills and stories that serve the game’s features. 
  • Simple, accessible gameplay: Summoners Arena has a simple gameplay that is suitable for players of all ages. To reach the top of the rankings, players must invest both money and time into it. 
  • Special features will be developed in the future: Because the game only went mainnet on May 26, many promising features, such as guilds and item forging will be added in the future.
  • Free-to-Play: Anyone can try Summoners Arena before making an investment decision to maximize profits.

Prepare before playing Summoners Arena

Download and install the Coin98 Super App

Summoners Arena is now available on the Coin98 Super App for both iOS and Android users.

Read the detailed instructions on how to use Coin98 Super App or watch the tutorial video to install the Coin98 Super App right here.

Download and install the Coin98 Extension Wallet

You can access to install the Coin98 Extension Wallet.

coin98 wallet extension

For instructions on installing and using the Coin98 Extension Wallet, you can refer to this guide.

Create BNB Chain (BNB, BEP20)

After installing the Coin98 Super App, you can refer to the guidelines below to create a BNB Chain (BNB, BEP20) wallet, or restore the BNB Chain wallet from other platforms to Coin98.

  • How to create a BNB Chain (BNB & BEP20) wallet here.
  • How to import a BNB Chain (BNB & BEP20) wallet from MetaMask here.

If you are already a Coin98 user, you can re-import your multi-chain wallets to update your BNB Chain wallet (BNB, BEP20) as well as other new wallets available in this version!

Prepare your BUSD and BNB tokens

To join in Summoners Arena battles, you must have BUSD and BNB tokens in your BEP20 wallet.

  • BNB is used as a network fee for each transaction. You can now trade NFTs with BNB.
  • BUSD is used to purchase NFT boxes that open the hero scroll.

Download and install Summoners Arena

Currently, users can join the game on mobile devices of the two operating systems, iOS and Android via the respective store. In addition, you can also play on your computer through Android emulators. Please check the detailed guide here.

Summoners Arena’s hero and summoner systems

Summoners’ Arena Heroes 

Welcome to Summonia, where the hero system is divided into a plethora of classes, rarities, and attributes. Here are the factors that influence champion stats when summoning them. 

Star: When a champion is summoned, it will have a set number of stars. The lower the summoning rate, the higher the stars; the maximum is 5 red stars. 

Players can level up their heroes up to 12 stars and 250 levels. The number of stars affects each champion’s level cap as well as the stats that are added after each level. 

Attributes: All Summoners’ Arena champions are descended from six Titans, each of whom has the following attributes:

  • Water: Engrave fire attribute. The summon rate in the game is 20%. 
  • Fire: Engrave natural attributes. The summon rate in the game is 20%. 
  • Nature: Engrave the abyss attribute. The summon rate in the game is 20%. 
  • Abyss: Engrave water attribute. The summon rate in the game is 20%. 
  • Light: Engrave the dark attribute. The summon rate in the game is 10%. 
  • Dark: Engrave light attribute. The summon rate in the game is 10%.
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When affecting the engraved, heroes with incompatible attributes deal 30% more damage and 15% more accuracy. 

Summoner Arena faction restrain

Classes: In Summoners Arena, there are a total of five hero classes, each with different strengths and weaknesses, including:

  • Mage: High-damage AoE skills.
  • Priest: Generating friendly buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies.
  • Assassin: High-damage single-target skills, utilizing speed to quickly take down the opponent’s backline. 
  • Ranger: Advanced speed and high-damage critical attacks, providing sustainable damage output. 
  • Warrior: High defensive stats with decent damage, great fit for any frontline.

Rarities: There will be two rarity levels for heroes in the game: Common and Mystic. Mystic heroes are rare and have higher stats than Common heroes.

Summoner Arena heros

Body Parts: Parts are innate when a hero is summoned and cannot be upgraded.

Body parts are divided into 10 rarity levels in ascending order of magnitude. The higher the rarity, the more the rewards after each match. In addition, mythical heroes will get higher bonus stats than regular champions. 

Summon Point: After summoning the champion, all summon points will be deducted. Points are spent during Summon Boost Up and are deducted by one for each use. 


  • NFT heroes will display summoning points in the hero information section on the left side of the screen. The summoning scroll will be displayed in the hero information section for non-NFT heroes. 
  • The game’s heroes are linked together via the Linking system in the Heroes section, allowing additional effects to appear when the player owns those heroes under certain conditions.

NFT heros


Except for Tiros – the default summoner, the summoners in Summoners Arena will represent players from the game’s five-character classes, which include: 

  • Malefica: Representing the mage class.
  • Bellator: Representing the warriors class.
  • Vesta: Representing the priest class.
  • Faber: Representing the assassin class.
  • Sagittarius: Representing the ranger class.

Eternal Crystal is used to unlock summoners that can be found in the campaign.

tiros the default summoner

Summoners Arena’s currency

Currently, the in-game currency system is divided into 4 types, in which ASG and SAE are tokens that can be traded. 

Ancient Medal: The currency obtained through campaigns, used to purchase items on the Black Market.

Battleground Coin: The currency obtained through the battleground. A Battleground Coin is used to purchase items in the Challenger Store.

Ancient Summoners Gem (ASG): ASG is the common currency in the game, obtained through the arena and guild activities. ASG is used in many activities in the game, such as hero upgrade, item forging and trade on the exchange.

Summoners Arena Essense (SAE): The native cryptographically-secure fungible protocol token of Summoners Arena is a transferable representation of attributed governance and utility functions. It is obtained by trading or reaching the top 5000 in Arena leaderboards. This currency is used in activities such as hero upgrades, repair fees for valuable assets….

How to connect your game account on the Coin98 Super App 

Connect with Summoners Arena

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App, select Browser.

Step 2: Search for “Summoners Arena” on the search bar. Then, select the Summoners Arena icon.

Connect your wallet

Step 1: Click the hamburger icon in the right corner of the main interface. Then select Connect Wallet.

Step 2: Select the Coin98 icon to connect. Your BNB Chain wallet will automatically be connected to Summoners Arena.

If you want to change the wallet, click the name of the wallet at the lower right corner of the screen → Select the appropriate wallet.

Connect your account before playing Summoners Arena

Step 1: In the My Account section, choose Register.

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Step 2: Insert your email and set the password.  

For those who already have an account in the game, choose Bind Existing Account. At the game interface, select the settings icon Binding Account and enter the information displayed in the registration section.

Select Sign Up.

Step 3: The system will send a confirmation code to the email address you entered. Insert the code and click Browser. This confirmation will require a small BNB gas fee.

Step 4: When you enter the game using the Binding Account feature with an existing account, the system will automatically update the information. To log in to the registered account for the first time, select the settings icon → Switch account.

How to buy NFTs on the Coin98 Super App

How to buy an NFT chest and summon your heroes 

Step 1: Select the menu icon at the right corner of the screen → Mighty Summon. 

Step 2: To obtain NFT heroes for use in the arena, users must have an NFT chest, which comes in two types:

  • Sacred Sealed Chest (45 BUSD): The opening rate will be split between heroes from 3* to 5* red. 
  • Mighty Sealed Chest (500 BUSD): The opening rate will be split between two types of heroes: 5 * and 5 * red. 

Select the box you want to purchase by clicking the Approve button. If you agree, the system will send you a confirmation request; click Send. 

Please ensure that you have enough BUSD in your BNB Chain wallet before tapping Buy to purchase a BNB.

Step 3: After purchasing, the chest will be displayed in the Mythical Inventory. Select the chest you want to open and click SummonApprove to access. 

After the system has confirmed, select Open Chests to reveal the champion.


  • The Heroes, after opening, will be displayed in the Inventory section.
  • The game has a limited number of chests.
  • Summon Scroll is now available for sale on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Using a scroll for summons, your hero will get body parts above 5.

How to buy NFT Heroes 

Step 1: In the main interface, select the hamburger icon  Market. 

Step 2: Use the filter to find the hero that suits your squad and select Apply. Remember to tick the For sale box to remove non-NFT heroes.

Step 3: Choose the hero you want and check the stats before buying.

Then select Make an offer to bid or Buy now → Purchase.

How to rent NFT heroes

Currently, Summoners Arena allows players to hire a hero or the whole team to be able to join in the PvP arena.

Step 1: In the main interface, select the hamburger icon Renting.

Step 2: Select the team or hero you’d like to rent.

  • Team: Fixed lineup, you can not change heroes on the team.
    • When hiring a team, the money-sharing ratio will be determined by the lessor’s regulations.
    • For example in the image, a player will only receive 10% of the reward if they hire this team.
    • The lessor can call the squad back at any time.
  • Hero: Any lineup can be added.
    • If you rent a hero, 100% of that hero’s reward will be paid to the lessor. 
    • The lessor cannot call that hero back to the team. They must wait for the rental period to expire. 

Step 3: After you’ve decided on a team or hero, click on the price to rent. 

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The system will send you a confirmation request, click Send if you agree.


  • Heroes or teams that have been rented cannot be upgraded, leveled, evolved, or sold on the market.
  • Tenants can use heroes and teams in all game modes.
  • Only the ASG (in-game currency) reward is divided by the agreed percentage and is automatically distributed after each battle.
  • Currently, the rental fee paid to the system is 0% for the first two seasons and will be gradually added 1% every month until it reaches 4%.

How to play Summoners Arena 

Summoning System

In addition to opening chests or scrolls to get NFTs, you can also unlock heroes through the summoning system in the game.

Step 1: At the main interface, select the Summon section.

Step 2: Select Special Summon with a 1500 ASG cost to summon NFT heroes. In addition, players can add up to five heroes to help increase the rate of the rarity and same attributes Depending on the hero’s star, it will consume a certain amount of ASG: 

  • Hero with less than four stars: free
  • 5-star Hero: 5 ASG each
  • 5-red-star hero: 10 ASG each

For non-NFT heroes, you will unlock them through summon scrolls obtained through in-game activities.

Players can also unlock non-NFT heroes by collecting champion shards with the same stars.

Campaign (PvE)

Currently, the game has a total of 5 maps with 6 different difficulty levels.

Step 1: Click the Campaign tower.

Step 2: Select the stage and press Battle. Then, players will arrange formations and heroes to confront the enemy.

Each formation will add a percentage of health to the champion at that position. You should choose the right team and anti-attribute heroes to have the best match.

Also, to optimize the strategy, summoners can click on the tree icon to access the Companion Buff. As long as you have the correct number of champions according to the system’s requirements, you will be able to add more power.

Step 3: Click Battle to start.

 Arena and Battleground (PvP)

Step 1: Press the Arena sword. Then, select the game mode: 

  • The Arena mode allows players to compete against one another based on their tactics. This is where NFT heroes speak up because only this type of hero can join in the battle.
  • Battleground is similar to the Arena mode, but non-NFT heroes can also participate in the battle here.

Step 2: Arrange the team so that it is suitable for attack and defense. While you are not online, there will still be people attacking your team.

The arrangement of the team is similar to the PvE mode. Once done, click Save.

Step 3: Press Battle. Select the team you want to fight and press Battle.

At the end of each season, Summoners Arena will send the prizes to players in the rankings. 

  • For the Arena rewards, please check the details here.
  • For the Battleground rewards, please check the details here.


Hopefully, this article has provided information to help you in the process of experiencing Summoners Arena. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to comment below, the Coin98 team will always be ready to support you!

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