How to convert C98 (TRC21) to C98 (BEP20) on Coin98 Super App

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Coin98 Super App introduces SpaceGate, a cross-chain bridge that enables swapping and transfers across multiple networks. The bridge from TomoChain to BNB Chain is now live, which allows you to convert C98 (TRC21) to C98 (BEP20). 

Let’s walk through this detailed instruction to this article.

About SpaceGate V1

Coin98 Super App has integrated SpaceGate, a form of cross-chain bridge to support users in converting C98 (TRC21) to C98 (BEP20). There will be more bridges across blockchains for C98 tokens in the future.

What is C98 (TRC21)?

C98 (TRC21) is an experimental idea applied with the aim of helping to provide a better experience for Coin98 App users. By using the Coin98 Super App in 2019, users were rewarded C98 (TRC21) for certain tasks, promotion activities.

After the official launch of C98 token, Coin98 decided to let users swap the old C98 to the new standard (BEP20). 

How to convert C98 (TRC21) to C98 (BEP20) on Coin98 

Let’s walk through this detailed guide to transfer C98 from TomoChain to BNB Chain. 


  • You need both TOMO & C98 to pay for transaction fees on SpaceGate. If you don’t have either of these, your transaction won’t complete successfully. 
  • In step 2, you can choose any desired BNB wallet addresses. 
  • The cross-chain bridge from TomoChain to BNB Chain is an on-way bridge.

Step 1: Login, then select Swap, choose SpaceGate (Multi-chain).

Step 2: Choose blockchains & corresponding wallets. 

spacegate coin98 wallet

Step 3: Input (or scroll) the amount you want to convert. Then, click Convert.

Step 4: After that, there will be Confirm, you need to select Done to execute your order, or you could Cancel.

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When the order is completed successfully, you can check again at the Trade History icon or return to the main home to see the balance of Coin98 (BEP20).

convert history

SpaceGate FAQ 

How long does SpaceGate take to complete the transaction? 

Usually, the transaction will be approximately 1-2 minutes to finish. 

How much does SpaceGate charge? 

You will need 0.000602 TOMO for the depositing gas and 0.5 C98 for the withdrawal gas. The amount of the C98 gas fee will be automatically subtracted from the amount you convert. 

Where can I get the transaction fee? 

You can buy TOMO on centralized exchanges and send some to Coin98 Super App to get TOMO as a network fee. 

Can I convert any other tokens from TomoChain to BNB Chain? 

Currently, users only convert C98 between TomoChain and BNB Chain. Soon, more liquidity pools will be initiated for more tokens. 

What should I do when the transaction is too long? 

You can copy your address and paste it to these platforms for checking the transaction status on or

Besides, Coin98 provides 24/7 customer support; you can reach out to admins directly on the App for further help. 

Closing thoughts 

Coin98 Labs puts the first foundation to connect blockchains. The idea of a powerful gate will step-by-step expand to more blockchains. Coin98 cross-chain bridges now include Ethereum <> Solana, Avalanche C-Chain <> Avalanche X-Chain, Ethereum <> Optimism, Ethereum <> Arbitrum, Ethereum <> Boba Network. Let’s look forward to seeing and experiencing the next wave of integrations.

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