How to participate in Sui devnet & get airdrop

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Sui is a layer 1 blockchain developed with the Monolithic Blockchain structure, aiming to become a network that can perform all tasks. Thereby, Sui will focus on scalability and low-latency parallel transaction processing.

Currently, Sui is in the devnet stage and is expected to release mainnet in Q4 this year. Projects on the Sui devnet are being built, and this is a great opportunity for users to earn rewards and prepare for the mainnet.

Preparations for Sui devnet

Install the Coin98 Extension Wallet

First, you need to download and install the Coin98 Extension Wallet via

The full guide to installing the extension can be found here: How to install Coin98 Extension Wallet

After installing the extension, you need to create a Sui wallet.

Install and set up Sui Wallet

There might be projects that are yet to be compatible with Coin98 Wallet, therefore, users may set up Sui Wallet – a product developed by the Sui team – in these cases.

Download Sui Wallet via

Use Faucet to receive devnet SUI

To get devnet SUI, users can access the #devnet-faucet channel on the project’s Discord, then enter the command “faucet! Sui wallet address”.

The project’s Discord channel can be found here:

How to participate in the Sui devnet

Find projects

It is important for a newbie to find a starting point. Knowing different sources of information not only helps in accessing, but also provides timely support so as not to miss any opportunities during the devnet phase.

You may find potential projects with the following methods:

  • On Twitter, Discord channels: There are numerous accounts that aggregate information quite accurately and quickly. They often cooperate with projects to organize giveaways, therefore, you may find great opportunities here. For example: Sui Ecosystem, Sui Global, Sui Whale…
  • On Crew3: Although projects on Sui have yet to run many tasks on Crew3, in the near future, there will certainly be events on this platform for users to interact with their products. All you need to do is follow and seize the opportunities in time.
  • Get roles for Sui NFT Marketplace projects: Aptos may seem difficult, but owning the OG role for Sui Marketplaces on Sui is not. In the future, the OG role on NFT Marketplaces might bring unexpected benefits when they go mainnet.
  • On BlueMove’s Launchpad: Devnet projects that tested on BlueMove have all been moderated by this NFT Marketplace. Therefore, you can look for the project on Twitter to follow and wait for your opportunities.
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Join events on Twitter

Projects on Sui regularly organize giveaways or collaborations with simple requirements, such as like, comment, and retweet to receive lucky rewards from the organizers.

Sui is only in the devnet stage, opening opportunities to get the Early Role (for early participants) for many projects on Discord. With the information on Twitter and Discord, you can easily spot newly developed projects and participate in their events.

Join events on Discord

Sui-based projects are still quite new, therefore, interacting with their products and giving feedback might bring surprising rewards. Most events have specific participation duration that users must pay attention to. Some common tasks include:

  • Testing and giving feedback for projects on Discord: Perform tests on projects’ Devnet or Testnet versions and give feedback on their Discord channels.
  • Participating in designing and creating memes: These types of events are held to increase interactivity within the community.
  • Joining Rumble, Gartic, catching Pokemon: Some projects organize Rumble, Gartic or catching Pokemon events for users to accumulate bonus points, and winners will receive a special role. These events are usually held randomly.
  • Participate in community support: Users who actively support the project’s community members might also have a chance to receive special roles.
sui discord
Example of an event on Discord

Aside from Twitter, Discord is a popular social media platform for projects, therefore, it is essential to combine information from both platforms.

Mint NFT on BlueMove

Currently, NFT projects are testing the mint function on BlueMove with the opportunity to receive the OG Role, or a spot in the whitelist when they go Mainnet. Following the success of NFT minting on the Aptos network, Sui NFTs on BlueMove might also create FOMO within the community.

bluemove home
Bluemove’s homepage on the Sui network:

All you need to do is pay attention to the mint calendar on BlueMove’s homepage and carefully prepare for the events beforehand.

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Experience the products

Projects in the DEX, Lending, Name Service, etc. sectors may have product experience and feedback events. The key is to pay attention to their Twitter and Discord accounts to keep up with their requirements. In some cases, only trying out the products without completing other tasks may not bring anything in return.

In addition, the Sui ecosystem also has Sui Name Service (Domain) and Suiswap (AMM DEX). It is worth checking out what they have to offer.


Sui is currently in the devnet stage, and not many projects have been released, but this is your chance to become one of the early birds. Stay tuned for the next updates in this article to learn about the most effective ways to hunt OG roles, whitelists and airdrops on the Sui network

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