Rari Capital – All you need to know about RGT Token

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Rari Capital is the latest project to have its token listed on Binance – one of the biggest CEXs (Centralized Exchanges) at the moment. So what is Rari Capital? What is so special about this project? How can it be listed on Binance? I’ll answer these questions in this article.

Let’s get going!

What is Rari Capital?

Rari Capital is a DeFi suite that includes multiple DeFi protocols and functions. Rari aims to provide aggregation services, as well as make people use DeFi in such an easy way that can possibly open the gateway to mass adoption.

rari website

Rari Capital Website: https://rari.capital/

What is Rari Capital Token (RGT)?

RGT is the native token of Rari Capital, which serves as a governance token and at the same time a utility token.

How does Rari Capital work?

Rari Capital comprises 4 main products: Fuse, Earn, Pool 2, and Tranches.


Fuse is an open interest rate protocol that allows users to lend and borrow crypto assets. The notable feature of Fuse is that it enables users to freely create and deploy their own pools. This diversifies the number of available pools, as well as their within parameters and risk thresholds.

verified pools in Fuse

Some verified pools in Fuse.

The parameters that require users to choose initially before creating a pool are:

  • Custom Assets.
  • Custom Oracles (Chainlink, Uniswap/Sushiswap TWAPS, Keep3r).
  • Platform Fee (10% by default => go to $RGT treasury).
  • Admin Fee.
  • Liquidation Incentive.
  • Whitelist.
  • Close Factor.
  • Upgradeability.
  • Collateral Factor.
  • Reserve Factor.
  • Pool Admin.


The earn product is actually a yield aggregator, which uses an autonomous algorithm to seek the highest yields possible through DeFi lending projects. Currently, there are 4 pools supported: USDC, DAI, ETH, and Yield.

3 main pools in the Earn

How 3 main pools in the Earn product work.

The process can be explained as:

Step 1: Users deposit assets into one of the pools.

Step 2: Those assets are transferred into the corresponding pool asset, which will then be deposited into lending protocols to earn yields (Compound, Aave,…).

Step 3: Profits are now already accumulated, which can be withdrawn afterwards to supported ERC20 tokens.

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As a yield aggregator, the protocol does charge fees, which are:

  • Stable Pools + ETH Pool: 17.5% profits.
  • Yield Pool: 12.5% profits + 0.5% withdrawal.


The Pool2 product allows users to earn additional rewards for providing RGT liquidity on SushiSwap. It means that if you provide liquidity for the RGT-ETH Pool on SushiSwap, you can stake those LP tokens one more time in the Pool2 dashboard to earn RGT rewards.


The Rari platform provides users with front-end access to Saffron Finance tranches products. Users will not incur additional fees for directly purchasing Tranche products through the Rari Capital platform.

tranches interface

You can access Saffron Finance through the interface of Rari Capital.

Detailed information about RGT Token

RGT Price Today

Currently, you can track the price of RGT on Coin98 Markets

Coin98 Markets is a website that helps users to get updates of the real-time prices, as well as view the detailed information of a Token Metric from any project. More specifically, you can access the home page or the community page of a project, or filter the coins/tokens by Market Cap, Trading Volume, etc.

RGT Price

RGT token price is updated regularly at Coin98 Markets. (Updated: November 7th, 2021)

RGT Key Metrics

  • Name: Rari Capital.
  • Ticker: RGT.
  • Token standard: ERC-20.
  • Token type: Governance, Utility.
  • Max supply: 12,500,000 RGT.
  • Circulating Supply: 11,255,164 RGT.
  • Contract address: 0xd291e7a03283640fdc51b121ac401383a46cc623

RGT Token Allocation

  • Liquidity Mining: 87.5%.
  • Rari Team: 12.5%

rari capital token allocation

RGT Token Allocation

RGT Token Sale


RGT Token Release Schedule

Note: On September 16th, 2021, the community approved a proposal to mint 2,500,000 RGT immediately, and mint 7,500,000 RGT linearly across the next 3 years. This represents a total of 10,000,000 RGT to be minted and allocated to the DAO’s treasury.

RGT Token Use Cases

Currently, the RGT token has 3 use cases:

  • Governance: RGT token holders can participate in governance activities.
  • Liquidity Mining: Users can contribute to the liquidity pools to earn liquidity mining rewards and a share of the DEX transaction fees.
  • Reduce Fees.
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How to get RGT Token

You can get RGT through various options:

  • CEXs: Uniswap, Sushiswap,…
  • DEXs: Binance,…
  • Liquidity Mining.

How to buy RGT Token

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX), a Multi-chain liquidity aggregator that offers users a wide variety of DeFi services (swap, stake, lend, borrow,…) through intuitive and simple interfaces.

You can buy RGT on Coin98 Exchange by following these steps at: exchange.coin98.com

Step 1: Connect Coin98 Extension Wallet.

Step 2: Select Uniswap.

Step 3: Choose the trading pair:

  • Search RGT.
  • If the result does not come up, you can paste the contract of COMP into the search box: 0xd291e7a03283640fdc51b121ac401383a46cc623.

Step 4: Adjust the amount you want to swap.

Step 5: Adjust the gas fee, then click Approve.

how to buy rari capital token

How to buy RGT Token on Coin98 Exchange.

How to store RGT Token

You can store, send, receive RGT Token on Coin98 Wallet with a few single steps:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Wallet & click Receive on the home screen.

Step 2: Search RGT Token.

Step 3: Click on the correct result, copy the wallet address and send RGT to this address.

store rgt token

How to store RGT Token on Coin98 Wallet.

Rari Capital Roadmap

The Rari Capital team has planned on working on these improvements:

  • Governor Bravo and robust governance framework.
  • Invariance mechanism for Fuse.
  • Updated RSS prepared for permission-less assets.
  • Permission-less pool creation with Fuse.
  • veRGT.
  • Gauges for Fuse Liquidity Mining.
  • Complete redesign for asset-based discovery.
  • Move to IPFS + decentralized front-ends.
  • Easy Margin Product.
  • YieldSpace AMM for supports REPT-b.
  • New yield aggregator (supports every asset).
  • Plugins framework.
  • Fuse on Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Nova launch.
  • Fuse V2 (way more capitally efficient).
  • Tanks explainer.
  • Market XYZ.

Team, Investors and Partners







Is Rari Capital (RGT) a good investment?

I hope that with the aforementioned information, you have understood what Rari Capital is and how Rari Capital works. This article should give you a deep insight into the project, so there is no financial advice. You should Do Your Own Research before conducting any investment, and be responsible for your own fund. 

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However, Coin98 will provide some notable points of the project to give you the best overview to make your own decisions:

Rari Capital is a DeFi suite consisting of 4 main products: Fuse, Earn (Yield Aggregator), Pool2, and Tranches (from Saffron Finance). As the project was developed pretty early, growing into a DeFi station is a great choice as it offers more diversification for users over other projects.

However, throughout the first 10 months of development, Rari Capital has shown no sign of improvement in terms of TVL (Total Value Locked). Nevertheless, starting from August 2021, its TVL has increased exponentially, showing positive growth and changes which has successfully attracted more users to the protocol.

rari capital tvl

The TVL of Rari Capital over time.

As mentioned earlier, the RGT token has recently been listed on Binance, partially showing its value and Binance’s interest in this token with the hope of earning more trading volume for its exchange.

However, it is worth noting that the Token Allocation of Rari Capital is pretty questionable (87.5% for Liquidity Mining, 12.5% for the Team). How the project captures value for its token heavily depends on its community-owned treasury.

In regard to the lending yield aggregator, Rari Capital is having a pretty similar approach to yEarn Finance. However, yEarn has successfully expanded to a much more massive and diverse ecosystem compared to Rari Capital. In the future, to continue growing, following the approach of yEarn can be a great way for Rari Capital.


You’ve been through an article about Rari Capital and the RGT token. I hope it has helped you in gaining more valuable insights into this project and understanding its potential.

If you want to know further about Rari Capital (RGT), please feel free to leave a comment below for further discussions!

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