Space Falcon – All you need to know about FCON Token

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Metaverse and GameFi have emerged as arguably the 2 most mentioned keywords in 2021. Nevertheless, the number of successful projects working in this field has not been significant.

Moving onto 2022, we can expect more and more candidates that will build towards these 2 niches at a higher standard and quality. It is not wrong to say that Space Falcon is on the list.

So what is Space Falcon? What is the FCON token? How does the project work? Is Space Falcon a good investment? Let’s find out in this article.

What is Space Falcon?

Space Falcon is a Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction) space shooter game that combines GameFi and Metaverse. The game allows players to own galaxies, planets, spaceships, and other extraterrestrial assets in the form of NFT (Non-fungible Token).

What is FCON Token?

FCON is the native token of Space Falcon, used to unlock most ingame features. FCON is the core of the game’s virtual economy, which aligns with the growth of the protocol.

What is FGOLD Token?

FGOLD is the in-game Falcon Metaverse universal currency, which can be claimed only by directly playing the game or staking FCON. 

FGOLD will be exclusively available in the Falcon Metaverse, and will be used for most ingame transactions like purchasing extraterrestrial land, imposing in-game duties on other players, charging passage tolls,…

How does Space Falcon work?

More than a game, Space Falcon is a whole universe where players can deeply immerse in. In the Falcon Metaverse, there are numerous features:

Falcon Mission

In Falcon Mission, users can play the classic shooter game with a wide range of spaceships as tradable NFTs. 

There are 10 stages, whereas players upgrade their spaceships and earn along the way.

falcon mission gameplay

Falcon Mission

Falcon Galaxies

In Falcon Galaxies, users can possess different types of assets in the game like galaxies, planets, spaceships,… which are tradeable and at the same time have their own utilities. 

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For example, the owner of a galaxy can earn revenue from other players visiting that specific galaxy, hence having a reason to either keep that galaxy NFT or sell it at a preferable price.

falcon galaxies features ingame story mode

Falcon Galaxies

Falcon MetaGround

Falcon MetaGround is a virtual space where users can have an engaging experience with VR (Virtual Reality).

With the VR technology, players will be involved in a virtual galaxy where they can travel, adventure, and interact with others in the most realistic way.

Falcon MetaGround

Falcon MetaGround

Detailed information about Space Falcon Token (FCON)

FCON Key Metrics

  • Name: Space Falcon.
  • Ticker: FCON.
  • Token standard: SPL.
  • Token type: Utility.
  • Max supply: 20,000,000,000 FCON.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…
  • Contract address: Updating…

FCON Token Allocation

  • Rewards & Yield Farming: 36%
  • Community & Partnership: 19%
  • Team: 16%
  • Token Sale: 15%
  • Advisors: 7%
  • Liquidity: 5%
  • Airdrop: 2%

fcon coin

FCON Token Allocation

FCON Token Sale

Currently, you can buy FCON tokens by participating in the Token Sale on AcceleRaytor by Raydium, or on MoonStarter. If you use Raydium, there are two parts: The Public Raise, and the IDO on Raydium.

1. FCON AcceleRaytor Public Raise details:

  • Token fixed price: 0.002 USDC for 1 FCON.
  • Total raise: 500,000 USDC.
  • Model: Lottery for allocation.
  • Allocation for winning ticket: 50 USDC (25,000 FCON).
  • Total number of winning tickets: 10,000.
  • Pool opens: January 24, 12:00 UTC.
  • Pool closes: January 25, 00:00 UTC.
  • Open period of the pools: 12 hours.

2. FCON IDO on Raydium details:

  • Token starting price: 0.002 USDC for 1 FCON.
  • IDO Launch time: January 25, 12:00 UTC.

If you use MoonStarter, the IDO details are:

  • Contribution chain: BSC.
  • Distribution chain: Solana.
  • Date: 21 January 2022 at 12 PM UTC.
  • Price per token: $0.002; 100% at TGE.
  • Total allocation: $70,000.

FCON Token Release Schedule

  • Seed sale: 5% at TGE, 2 months cliff and linear over 15 months.
  • Private sale: 10% at TGE, 1 month cliff and linear over 12 months.
  • Public sale: 100% unlocked at TGE.
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FCON Token Use Cases

FCON will be used for:

  • NFTs purchases.
  • Liquidity provision.
  • In-game ownership.
  • In-game rewards.

FGOLD Token Use Cases

FGOLD is the ingame currency that will be used for ingame transactions, such as purchasing extraterrestrial land, imposing in-game duties on other players, charging passage tolls,…

How to get FCON Token

At the moment, you can get the FCON token by participating in the Token Sale on Raydium or MoonStarter, as mentioned above.

Users will also be able to add liquidity to FCON-USDC LP and then stake LP tokens to earn yield on the Fusion Pools page. Rewards will be in FCON tokens.

Reward emissions on the Fusion pool will begin shortly after the LP launches, to give users time to add liquidity and stake in the Fusion pool for yield farming.

How to buy FCON Token

Currently, there is no FCON token circulating in the market, so you cannot buy FCON on Coin98 Exchange or anywhere else.

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX), a Multi-chain liquidity aggregator that offers users a wide variety of DeFi services (swap, stake, lend, borrow,…) through intuitive and simple interfaces.

In the future, when we are able to buy FCON on Coin98 Exchange, I will update you in this article.

How to store FCON Token

In the future, Coin98 Wallet will support storing the FCON token. I will keep you updated in this article.

Space Falcon Roadmap

roadmap space falcon

Space Falcon Roadmap

Team, Investors and Partners


team space falcon

Space Falcon Team



Space Falcon Investors



Space Falcon Partners

Is Space Falcon (FCON) a good investment?

I hope that with the aforementioned information, you have understood what Space Falcon is and how Space Falcon works. This article should give you a deep insight into the project, so there is no financial advice. You should Do Your Own Research before conducting any investment, and be responsible for your own fund.

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However, Coin98 will provide some notable points of the project to give you the best overview to make your own decisions:

  • Space Falcon combines GameFi and Metaverse into a product. These 2 keywords have been the most popular in the latter half of 2021, and are highly expected in 2022. If Space Falcon can successfully work out both the GameFi and Metaverse factor, it will change the whole market status.
  • In fact, the number of successful GameFi or Metaverse projects is not significant. Both sectors only started to attract the market’s attention for a few months, so they need more time to produce higher-quality projects. Combining both niches and being successful at the same time is an extremely difficult task.
  • It is worth noting that Space Falcon has been invested by a large number of venture capitals. They will be the backbone of Space Falcon’s future development and success.
  • Space Falcon is developed on Solana, where the GameFi sector is growing rapidly. This means that Space Falcon will receive massive amounts of support from Solana investors, but at the same time, it will have to compete with many different projects. Not all of them can be the winner, so you should carefully consider which one may outperform.


You’ve been through an article about Space Falcon and the FCON token. I hope it has helped you in gaining more valuable insights into this project and understanding its potential.

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