What Is Ankr (ANKR)? All About ANKR Token

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In this article, we would like to introduce Ankr known as a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi platform. We’ll be covering the following topics:

  • What is Ankr? How does Ankr work?
  • ANKR Tokenomics and How/Where to earn and store ANKR tokens?
  • Roadmap & Updates.
  • Team members, Investors, and Strategic Partners.

Let’s explore the potential of ANKR!

What is Ankr?

Ankr makes accessing Web 3.0 easy. Ankr offers distributed, a multi-cloud blockchain infrastructure for one-click node deployment and management as well as instant API (application programming interface) access to major blockchains and DeFi protocols for developers.

Its team thinks that cloud computing is the way of the future and that rather than being monopolized by computer behemoths like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud, it should be accessible to everybody.

How does Ankr work?

According to McKinsey and Stanford University’s study, approximately 70% of non-performing server assets exist in data centers throughout the world, with 30% of servers experiencing no network, user, connection, memory, or CPU activity for six months or more. They are still alive and available, which means they are a constant drain.

Ankr is a cloud-computing service provider that competes with other services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc. Its purpose was to use extra capacity from a network of idle machines for cloud computing rather than relying on a single cloud computing provider.

Some outstanding information of Ankr is as follows:

  • Less expensive: Ankr is much less expensive than AWS; for the same compute power, it costs around half as much.
  • Decentralized: Because Ankr’s compute capacity is distributed across several different providers via their own enterprise-managed data centers, even if one provider goes down, only a small portion of the hosting services will be affected. Ankr provides provider-decentralization, which no other cloud provider can match in terms of scale and dependability.
  • Individual: Ankr is a blockchain-based platform. Ankr recognizes and respects the particular nature of this sector, and they have professionals on hand to assist with any challenges that may occur. Ankr provides personal support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never hides behind an AI help bot.
  • Eco-friendly: Ankr’s approach to cloud computing is notable for its environmental friendliness since it makes use of idle resources that would otherwise be using power. Ankr presents the most environmentally sound answer to the Cloud Computing market by optimizing the usage of current hardware rather than adding to the global footprint.
  • Automated management: Using cloud-native technology to run Kubernetes apps, running applications are automatically monitored for errors like segment faults and relaunched if possible. This increases the hosted platform’s resiliency and stability.
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What is the ANKR token?

ANKR is available in three different forms. The Ankr token, which is built on the original Ankr blockchain, is the version of ANKR used on the Ankr network. ANKR can also be purchased in the form of ERC-20 (Ethereum) and BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) tokens.

Detailed information about ANKR Token

ANKR Key Metrics

  • Token name: Ankr.
  • Ticker: ANKR.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Decimal: 18.
  • Token Standard: ERC20, BEP20.
  • Contract – ERC20: 0x8290333ceF9e6D528dD5618Fb97a76f268f3EDD4.
  • Contract – BEP20: 0xf307910a4c7bbc79691fd374889b36d8531b08e3.
  • Token type: Utility Token.
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ANKR.
  • Circulating Supply: 8,162,899,378 ANKR (81.6% of the total supply).

ANKR Token Allocation

  • Private/ Pre-sale: 30% (3,000,000,000 ANKR). 
  • Public Sale ICO: 5% (500,000,000 ANKR).
  • Community & Miners: 40% (4,000,000,000 ANKR).
  • Team & Advisors: 20% (2,000,000,000 ANKR).
  • Marketing: 5% (500,000,000 ANKR).

ankr token allocation

ANKR Token Allocation.

ANKR Token Release Schedule

ankr token release schedule

ANKR Token Release Schedule.

ANKR Token Sales

ankr token sales

ANKR Token Sales.

ANKR Token Use Cases

  • ANKR will also offer paid services for those who need advanced capabilities in the RPC, with options like unlimited requests to chains, access to historical data, and the ability to pay in crypto.
  • Those who stake ANKR tokens will receive ANKR tokens as a reward.
  • ANKR tokens are used to reward early contributors to the development of the project.

How to get ANKR Token

You can get ANKR tokens from early contributors to the development of the project.

How to buy ANKR Token 

You can buy ANKR on listed exchanges such as: 

  • DEX: PancakeSwap, Uniswap,… 
  • CEX: Binance, Coinbase, HitBTC… 

Alternatively, you can use Coin98 Exchange to swap other tokens for ANKR by clicking the Swap button at the end of the article.

Learn more: How to use Coin98 Exchange.

How to store ANKR Token

You can store ANKR on Coin98 Wallet with these steps:

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Step 1: Open Coin98 Wallet & click Search Icon on the home screen.

Step 2: Search ANKR Token.

Step 3: Click on the correct result at Receive Tab, copy the wallet address and send ANKR to this address.

store ankr tokens on coin98 wallet

Store ANKR tokens on Coin98 Wallet.

ANKR Roadmap

ANKR has released their 2022 roadmap.

  • Boost every chain possible.
  • Expand API/RPC tools as Decentralized Web Services.
  • Provide even more opportunities with Ankr Earn.
  • More improvements to BSC.
  • Grow the infrastructure for metaverse & gaming innovations.
  • Build out next-level ANKR token utility.

Team, Investors, and Partners


Chandler Song, who previously worked for Amazon Web Services, and Ryan Fang, a Morgan Stanley investment banker, are among Ankr’s founders. Ankr has a significant head start in the crypto industry thanks to its extensive knowledge in both computer science and economics.

Ankr team has extensive experience working in leading companies in the world: Amazon, Bitgo, Fitbit, Morgan Standley, Oracle, Ethereum, Golmansach, Yandex, EOS, etc.

ankr team

Ankr Team.


Ankr raised a total of $27.3M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on June 21st, 2018, from venture capitals like DHVC, Pantera Capital, JD Capital, BlockVC.


Ankr’s primary partners are blockchain platforms, and Ankr plans to work with a variety of blockchain platforms and protocols at various layers in the future.

ankr partners

Ankr partners.

Is Ankr (ANKR) a good investment?

Many investors are interested in the term “Web3”, there has been a large amount of investment funds pouring in recently. Ankr was a pioneer in this field.

web3 fundraising

Web3 Fundraising.

The amount of ANKR tokens circulating in the market is already 80% of the total amount of tokens, so this is a aspect to consider in limiting future ANKR token inflation.

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The cloud services sector is extremely valuable, and it is dominated by large corporations. Ankr will be extremely developed in the future if it can provide good service at a reasonable price.

marker share of cloud services industry

Marker share of cloud services industry – Source: Statista.

But generally, I recommend instead of “investing much in crypto,” invest your time in gaining knowledge in the domain to distinguish great tech from crap. This is the best investment, which I believe will make you rich and prosperous.

Disclaimer: All the information in this article is only for information purposes and should NOT be considered investment advice. Investing in Crypto contains hugely high risks, and you should only invest the fund you are willing to lose.

Similar Projects

web3 landscape

Web3 Landscape.


So I have provided you with the latest information from Ankr and ANKR Token. If you’re interested in other projects besides Ankr, please leave a comment below. Coin98 will research the projects and publish articles about them.

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