What is Coin98 Staking? Stake And Earn More With Coin98!

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What is Coin98 Staking?

Coin98 Staking is the latest release of the Coin98 Labs to fulfill our product suite and reward for C98 holders. It will also be a simple and secure way for users to earn passive income while involved in the Coin98 Ecosystem. 

Coin98 Staking offers fixed interest rates based on your staking plans. There are three different packages with suitable staking periods and amounts of tokens for users to engage. 

coin98 staking plan

After staking ends, users can unstake and harvest earnings directly to their wallets. Notably, stakers are unable to unstake in the first 15 days. If you unstake before the expiration date, you will only earn a fixed 2.0% floating interest rate, no matter what types of staking plans you chose.

What do you benefit from Coin98 Staking?

Besides appealing interest rates, Coin98 also offers you exclusive NFT staking cards, real assets for Coin98 stakers. 

With each staking plan you choose, you will get a unique NFT. There are nine classes of NFT Staking Cards, depending on your staking plan and tier.

We also allow you to personalize their cards by supporting them with customized names and IDs. With each customization for name and ID, you only have to pay 10 C98. We believe that the NFT Staking Card is your unique treasure, and you can show it off with your friends on social media.

coin98 nft card

The NFT card is also proof of your staking, so when you transfer your NFT card, be aware that you are transferring your staked assets. 

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How to stake on Coin98 Staking

Step 1: Access the Coin98 Staking Page via https://stake.coin98.com, and select I agree to confirm that you carefully read the Coin98 Terms of Services & Privacy Policy. 

Step 2: Select the appropriate package that you would like to join and fill in the required information as follow:

  • C98 amount to stake.
  • Period time.
  • Enter your desired Card Holder Name (Optional).
  • Enter your desired Card Number (Optional).

Step 3: Review your order and opt for “Confirm Stake”.  

Step 4: Confirm the transaction via the Coin98 Extension Wallet’s pop-up to complete.

confirm stake

Note: Before experiencing staking, please make sure you have had Coin98 Super App already. Download it now here.

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Is it safe when staking C98? 

Coin98 developer team, which consists of seasoned professionals and seniors, is dedicated to working all day long to bring this feature to the light. Ultimately, we decided to choose PeckShield and Certik for the audit to maximize the security. All are for our beloved users.

Coin98 Staking spent the sophisticated audit process from audit partners to ensure all functionalities have almost zero errors when it comes to the community. 

Coin98 Staking has confidently driven to the absoluteness of security thanks to the accurate audits, bringing your funds to be safe anytime.  

How can Coin98 Staking prevent you from impermanent loss? 

The crypto market is super volatile, which may result in an impermanent loss when staking. Do you want to sit back and chill even when the market fluctuates? 

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Stake C98 now at stake.coin98.com and enjoy the fixed-rate, you always receive appropriate interest based on your staking package. Coin98 is here to give you stability. 

What if I unstake C98 before the period? 

In some staking platforms, you earn nothing when they withdraw tokens from the staking pool before the due date. Conversely, Coin98 is eager to share a chance with you to grab a 2% floating rate if they unstake before the period. Remember, your fund will be locked in the first 15 days to apply this rate.

Plus, Coin98 doesn’t charge when you stake or unstake C98. You only pay for the network fee to employ the staking completion. 

What’s next?

This is just the beginning for Coin98 Staking. In the future, not only C98 but other tokens can be rewarded for our stakers. It means there will be different token pools added into Coin98 Staking, opening more opportunities for projects to reach our users while supporting Coin98 users to earn more tokens easily. 

Lock up and earn more with Coin98 today! 

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