What is Coin98 Terminal? An all-in-one DeFi toolkit

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Currently, users are using a lot of different products for many distinct purposes such as: transferring assets to wallets, minting NFTs, buying coins/tokens, etc. This consumes a lot of time and costs, affecting the user experience when having to switch back and forth between applications. Therefore, DeFi toolkits were born.

Coin98 Super App has been developing a DeFi toolkit called Coin98 Terminal. What is Coin98 Terminal? Let’s find out more about this convenient toolkit!

What is Coin98 Terminal?

Coin98 Terminal is a DeFi toolkit of the Coin98 Super App, including Multi-Sender, Token Issuer, NFT Issuer, Solana Claim, Wallet Approval, Solana Migration, Vault and many other existing and upcoming tools.

This DeFi toolkit is designed to enhance users’ experience when using the Coin98 Super App without having to leave the platform.

Coin98 Terminal specialities

Simple, easy to use

The Coin98 Super App interface is designed with the yellow and black color pair, luxurious, modern yet simple in arrangement and use.

Coin98 Terminal is not only for DeFi experts, but even newbies can easily use its features. This helps simplify the process of getting used to DeFi’s new products and services.

Security and safety

Regarding security, Coin98 Super App does NOT have access to users’ assets. As long as Passphrases and Private Keys are stored carefully, any assets stored on users’ wallets will be safe.

In terms of safety, the features on Coin98 Super App in general and Coin98 Terminal in particular will require confirmation before conducting, or display clear notes to help minimize risks when using.

Support Multi-chain

The features on Coin98 Terminal, such as NFT Issuer, Token Issuer, Blockchain Explorers, etc. all support many popular blockchains, e.g. Ethereum (ERC20), BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), HECO Chain (HRC20), Solana (SPL), etc.

With Coin98 Terminal, users can freely choose any blockchain according to their preferences. In the future, Coin98 Terminal will constantly integrate other blockchains to optimize the experience, accompanying users on their DeFi journey.

Market overview in a few clicks

In the crypto market, information and knowledge are the key to every opportunity. With Coin98 Terminal, users can easily capture the hotspots of the market through: Market Info, Margin Volume, Crypto Event.


Coin98 Terminal gathers all necessary features for users in the DeFi world without having to go through third parties with complicated connection or key requirements.

The service fees and risks when using DApps are therefore high. When using the Coin98 Super App, users can operate directly on the wallet without going through any middlemen.

At the same time, users can freely adjust the gas fee to speed up transactions.

Coin98 Terminal’s tools

Coin98 Vault

Coin98 Vault is a secure solution to store and automate token distributions. It is also referred to as a cryptocurrency storage system for asset management (tokens or NFTs). Users can quickly and easily get rewards or recurring payments with this tool.

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Project owners can automate token allocations and many other activities through the Coin98 Vault, on a variety of blockchains such as: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Celo, Harmony, etc.

When using the Coin98 Vault, users can eliminate the burdens of waiting for their tokens using the claim countdown feature, managing their time more efficiently.

Learn more: How to use Coin98 Vault

Coin98 KYC

Coin98 KYC is the latest feature in the Terminal toolkit that plays an important role in the Coin98 ecosystem development. When new products like Launchpad, Launchpool, etc. are launched, KYC will be the gateway to access these products.

Learn more: How to conduct the KYC process on Coin98 Super App

coin98 terminal kyc

Wallet Approval

When experiencing DeFi services such as swap, farming, staking, etc., a confirmation is required, which allows the platform to access users’ assets: either authorizing DApps to access a certain amount of tokens, or unlimited approval.

Despite providing faster DeFi experience, Unlimited Approval may also adversely affect your assets.

For example, with the OpenSea incident, the estimated loss was about $3 million. Victims gave unlimited approvals to the smart contracts made by scammers, giving them access to a large number of NFTs.

Therefore, the Wallet Approval feature was created for users to conveniently check the connection history and revoke (withdraw) approvals directly on the Coin98 Super App, avoiding potential pitfalls.

coin98 terminal approval


Multi-send is a feature that allows sending coins/tokens to multiple wallet addresses at the same time in just a single transaction. Supporting more than 13 blockchains, Multi-send is a convenient tool for airdrop organizers or leaders, who need to distribute coins/tokens to participants or team members across multiple blockchains.

Multi-send does all in a single transaction. Users may not only save time and effort, but also reduce a large amount of gas fee if they have to send to each address one-by-one.

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NFT Issuer

Keeping up with the market trend, the Coin98 Super App not only allows NFT storage, but also NFT issuance. With NFT Issuer on the Coin98 Super App, users don’t need extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency, coding or metadata. Just a wallet with some gas fee is enough to create their own artwork.

Currently, Coin98 supports NFT issuance on prominent EVM chains such as: BNB Smart Chain, HECO Chain, Avalanche C-chain, Polygon, etc. NFT Issuer aims to bring users closer to NFT technology, creating more opportunities to increase profits and help anyone create their own masterpiece.

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After successfully minting an NFT, users can save their work right on the Coin98 Super App with the corresponding blockchain. All NFTs can be sent, received and managed on the same interface with full information and eye-catching display effects. In addition, with the DApp Browser on the Coin98 Super App, users can immediately access NFT Marketplaces to freely display their works and earn more profits from them.

Token Issuer

Similar to NFT Issuer, Token Issuer does not require much knowledge about technology to create tokens on users’ favorite blockchains. With only a wallet and some coins for gas fee, Coin98 Super App users may create their own tokens without having to learn about programming.

Furthermore, the Coin98 Token Issuer provides two options to easily manage and control the total supply, including:

  • Token Burn: allows burning an amount of tokens in the total supply to reduce the number of existing tokens in the system. Specifically, this option allows tokens to be removed from the circulating supply, slowing down inflation.
  • Token Mint: allows minting more tokens in the future to increase the number of tokens in the total supply.

Through Token Issuer, developers don’t need to design a separate blockchain when issuing tokens. It helps shorten the time, cost and effort, contributing to bringing token creation technology closer to everyone.

There is no need to know too much about programming languages ​​like Solidity or smart contracts, etc. Anyone can create their own tokens in just a few clicks. Token Issuer will contribute to developing young, inexperienced projects, contributing to accelerating the growth of the DeFi world.

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A duo exclusively for Solana

1. Solana Migration

SPL and SOL addresses are completely different, which may cause difficulties in asset management when having new wallet addresses for each different token.

Solana Migration is the solution to help users move SPL tokens from different small wallets to a single SPL wallet, making it easier to manage assets and prevent the burdens of one token being stored in multiple wallet addresses.

2. Solana Claim

When swapping on platforms that use liquidity from the Serum DEX, users have to pay an additional fee to create a trading pair. This fee is charged for each first created pair, and users can get them back when they have finished trading.

Many Solana users are unaware of this issue and may wonder where their assets have gone. To solve this, Coin98 Super App has integrated Solana Claim, helping users revoke unused trading pairs on Serum DEX and get SOL back directly on the Coin98 Terminal.

Buy Crypto – Buy Crypto currencies with Fiat currencies

When buying crypto with fiat currencies or credit cards, users almost always think of centralized exchanges that have this feature, such as Binance or FTX. However, in case users want to store coins/tokens right on the wallet, switching back and forth will consume more time and gas fees.

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When using Coin98 Super App, users will have access to the Buy Crypto – Moon Pay feature. It allows converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using different payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfer.

With the multichain technology accompanying MoonPay, Coin98 users can trade a variety of coins/tokens on different platforms without going through any third party, saving time and gas fees for money transfer transactions.

Information management toolkit

To find opportunities in the ever-changing DeFi world, users need to adapt quickly by getting ahold of information.

To fulfill this need, the Terminal integrated four features to help users manage information as well as their time easily and conveniently:

  • Market Info: Shows the fluctuations in coin/token prices in the market through color charts. Users can get an overview of the market in just a glance.
  • Margin Volume: Shows the nuances of the margin market through a specific, easy-to-see color palette.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Users can easily track all coins/tokens they are interested in on the Coin98 Super App. Coins/tokens can also be added to users’ favorite lists by clicking on the heart icon.
  • Crypto Event: A calendar to track big and small events in the DeFi world. By selecting the timeline and the coin/token, users can easily get a full list of events in that timeframe.
  • Blockchain Explorers: For all blockchains supported on Coin98 Super App. Users can access and check their wallets or transaction information any time.


Hopefully, this article can be helpful in getting a grasp of the outstanding features within the Coin98 Terminal toolkit on the Coin98 Super App.

With the Coin98 Super App, customers are always prioritized. Therefore, it is one of the few cryptocurrency super apps that provide full utilities for users in the crypto market. Download and experience it at:

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