What Is Kadena (KDA)? All About KDA Token

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A brief overview of the project, how the does it works and other important information will be included in the article.

What is Kadena?

Kadena was founded on the idea that blockchain could revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. But to get to mass adoption, chain technology and the ecosystem connecting it to the business world needed to be reimagined from the ground up. Their founders built a proprietary chain architecture and created the tools to make blockchain work for business – at speed, scale, and energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.

How does Kadena work?

Kadena offers advanced feature as a smart contract platform

In a world where every cryptocurrency is seemingly moving to Proof-Of-Stake to process transactions on their blockchain, Kadena is instead going back to Proof-Of-Work, which it believes is the safest method of securing their blockchain.

However, this comes with scalability issues, best seen by Bitcoin and Ethereum, which both have expensive transactions, and are slow compared to newer blockchains.

To solve this, Kadena uses a “chainweb”, which essentially “shards” transactions. Sharding is a process where transactions are broken up into smaller blocks, allowing them to be processed faster and cheaper, something Ethereum is also trying to do with its upgrade to Ethereum 2.0.

Chainweb also allows Kadena’s Proof-Of-Work system to remain energy efficient even when scaling, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing it to be adopted with less resistance.

Chainweb – Kadena public blockchain protocol

  • Chainweb is a braided, parallelized proof-of-work consensus mechanism that improves throughput and scalability while maintaining the security and integrity found in Bitcoin.
  • Kadena’s public blockchain performed a live network expansion from 10 chains to 20 chains. This doubled throughput, proving the networks’ ability to scale in production to meet ever-higher demand.
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Pact – Kadena’s smart contract language

Pact is a human-readable and Turing Incomplete smart contract language purpose-built for blockchains with powerful security features including:

  • Full Formal Verification of user code.
  • Error messages.
  • Contract upgradability.
  • Support for interoperability.
  • Strong permission and access control.

Kuro – Kadena’s layer 2 blockchain

Kuro has been proven to support up to 8,000 transactions per second across 500 nodes and is available for evaluation on AWS and Azure.

What is KDA token?

KDA is a digital currency that is used to pay for computing on the Kadena public chain. Similar to ETH on Ethereum, KDA on Kadena is the manner by which miners are compensated for mining blocks on the network.

Also, KDA is the transaction fee that users pay in order to have their transactions included in a block.

Detailed Information About KDA Token

KDA Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Kadena
  • Ticker: KDA
  • Blockchain: Kadena
  • Token Standard: Updating
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 167,195,737

KDA Token Allocation

A total of 1 billion KDA tokens are distributed as follows:

KDA Token Allocation

KDA Token Sale

  • Ticker: KDA
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Token Price: 1 KDA = 1 USD
  • Total Tokens: 7% of total tokens supply
  • Bonus for the First: 50% with 12-month lock-up (optional)
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 1000$
  • TBA Token Issue: 40 days after the sale ends
  • Total sale ended (29th=Nov-2019) with $14.9M raised

How to buy KDA Token

You can buy KDA on these listed exchanges: Binance, Huobi, TokoCrypto…

Alternatively, you can use Coin98 Exchange to swap other tokens for KDA at the end of this article.

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How to get KDA Token

There are a few platforms that supported staking KDA to earn passive rewards such as Coinmetro.

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How to store KDA Token

You can store KDA on exchanges that listed the token. Coin98 Wallet will update the token as soon as possible.

Roadmaps and Updates

Recent roadmap is published by Kadena

Kadena hasn’t published its roadmap for 2022 yet.  However, there are some important updates in progress such as:

  • Launching new NFT projects.
  • Ethereum bridge launch.
  • Lending platform infrastructure.

Team, Investors, and Partners


The core members of the project
  • Stuart Popejoy – Founder & CEO: Stuart previously led JPMorgan’s Emerging Blockchain group and has 15 years of experience building trading systems and exchange backbones for the financial industry.
  • Will Martino – Founder & President: Will previously served as Lead Engineer for Juno (JPMorgan’s Blockchain prototype) and was also Tech Lead for the SEC’s Cryptocurrency Steering Committee and Qualitative Analytics Unit.

Investors & Partners

Kadena has raised a capital of up to $15 million since 2018. As a blockchain platform, Kadena is invested by a number of large funds such as: Multicoin Capital, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), SV Angel.

Partners and investors of Kadena

Is KDA a good investment?

This article has provided some of the main ideas related to the KDA token and its implications. Still, it is important to note that there are a few key points that investors should take into account before making investment decisions:

The past year has been a strong year for blockchain platforms. We can mention outstanding projects such as Avalanche, Solana, Terra… As a blockchain platform, Kadena was received quite late when the price of the token only increased sharply in the second half of 2021.

It can be said that the increase in this growth mostly comes from the speculation of retail investors when the use case of Kadena in the application is still not outstanding when compared to other typical blockchain platforms like Cosmos.

Kadena’s ecosystem

Looking at Kadena’s ecosystem, we can see that the puzzle pieces are also gradually appearing and blooming. Important pieces in the ecosystem are slowly appearing such as Kaddex. However, there are categories such as NFT, Gaming and Lending that are still missing.

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If Kadena follows their roadmap and quickly deploy other projects in these missing areas, 2022 would be an awesome year for them.


I hope you have gained all of the important information about KDA including its features and highlights throughout this topic.

If you have any questions about KDA or want to know more about KDA, please feel free to leave a comment below and join Coin98 Community for further discussions about Crypto.

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